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Steak cooking times:

Raw Uncooked. Used in dishes like steak tartare and Carpaccio

Seared, Blue rare or very rare Cooked very quickly; the outside is seared, but the inside is usually cool and barely cooked. The steak will be red on the inside and barely warmed. Sometimes asked for as "blood rare" or "bloody as hell". In the United States, this is also sometimes referred to as 'Black and Blue' or 'Pittsburgh Rare'.

Rare (52C [125F] core temperature) The outside is grey-brown, and the middle of the steak is red and slightly warm.

Medium rare (55C [130F] core temperature) The steak will have a fully red, warm center.

Medium (60C [140F] core temperature) The middle of the steak is hot and red with pink surrounding the center. The outside is grey-brown.

Medium well done (65C [150F] core temperature) The meat is light pink surrounding the center.

Well done (71C [160F] and above core temperature) The meat is grey-brown throughout and slightly charred.



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